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Antivirus Protection

Current Advisories | Protect your data

USC requires that all computers connected to the university network have antivirus software installed and updated.

Students who have Windows 7 or earlier, or a Mac, can get free antivirus software from UTS or use one of the many antivirus programs available online and in retail stores.

Windows 8 users are already protected by Microsoft’s Windows Defender, a built-in feature of Windows 8. If you choose to install a different antivirus program, be sure to disable Windows Defender first.

Faculty and Staff
Symantec Protection Suite is available on VIP for all university-owned computers. Faculty and staff can also install the software on their personal home computers.

Visiting professors and persons classified as associates can install Symantec Protection Suite on their university-owned computer.

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Current Advisories & Warnings

The following are links that have advisories and warnings about current threats and viruses circulating the Internet.

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How to Protect Your Data
  • Basic Virus Protection Steps That You Should Take:
    • Protect yourself by uninstalling Windows Scripting Host.
    • Twice a month go to: Windows Update. Click on "Product Updates" and install "Critical" and "Recommended" updates. These will fix "bugs," plug security holes and give you better programs. Make sure that you have plenty of hard drive space first. Check with your manager or IT person if you are unsure whether or not to do this.
  • Install and keep updated, a good anti-virus program on your personal computer. If you don't keep your DAT files updated you are not protected against new viruses.
  • Back up important documents, files and papers to more than one floppy disk or machine. If you get a virus or your floppy becomes damaged, you can still recover a great part of your work.
  • If you use a lab or a friend's machine, make sure it has a current version of an anti-virus software on it. Scan your disk prior to use and after. Take time to scan the machine you are on.
  • If you encounter a virus, notify a lab monitor or the owner of the machine right away. Put a note on the machine indicating it has a virus. This will prevent others from sharing your misfortune.
  • Don't panic!! Call the UTS Service Desk at (803)777-1800 for assistance.

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